Sounds only


Clink of glasses,

Knives scratch,



Gears grind,

Tires swoosh,

Garage door opener hums,

Car door click,

Quick slam!

Heels clack,

Door creaks,



Zipper zzzuuups,

Clothes rustle,

Sharp breath,

Woman groan,

Breath whooshes,

Slurp slurp,



Bodies slap,

Man grunts,



Oh yeah,




Low moan.





Feeling the Throb

Being honest and real – I’m SO horny. Very. Completely.

My clit is swollen.

I can feel my juices sliding into my thong.

Every thought turns dirty. Innocuous ideas become laden with ways that sex can be incorporated. What to make for dinner turns into a fantasy of screwing on the dining room table. And I’m not talking about lovemaking here. I’m talking pure, unadulterated fucking. Hard, fast, pumping. Grunts filling the air. Bodies slamming together over and over until… release.

Hell, even cleaning out the litter box means bending over where I imagine a hard dick, faceless, nameless, coming up behind me. Spreading my cheeks and just TAKING me. Grabbing my hips, then my tits. Pinching my nipples, watching as I arch my back and hear my screams as I cum viciously. Feeling his cock swell as he pumps his cum into my already dripping cunt.

Don’t even get me started on taking a shower. The steam filling the room as I grab a handful of hair and force his face into my pussy. Fucking his tongue until I squirt. My water mixing with the hot shower.


Touch yourself

Touch yourself. Let me watch. Let me see you take yourself over the edge. What will you feel? Harder, softer? What could be more intimate than you showing me your deepest arousal? I turn on watching you move faster, then faster still. Racing toward the edge, I watch and your hands and fingers know where to move, caress, hold, then power on. Hand gripping, sliding, fingers in motion. Show me yourself, open it! Let me share in your climax, pulsing, your moan.

Then let me lick you clean.