Best sex I ever had

This is for you, you know who you are, who wanted a good story to read.

Actually, this is the second best!

It was a usual Saturday night. We were both high, a little drunk.

A soft caress here, an ass-grab there, and we were ready to get naked. There is a nice warmth to our sex. I get a minimum of three orgasms per session, guaranteed, a little in-joke we have. Almost always, significantly more is attained.

He starts by fingering me, and I find myself coming hard on his fingers immediately as he strokes my g-spot. I can feel my vagina contract around his finger as the wetness sucks him in. He doesn’t let up as he dives deeper with his finger, and I grab his cock. As he continues to stroke deeper, I pull him harder and harder, as I feel another orgasm (2!) take hold. This time, I squirt over his hand and can hear the squishing noises as he continues. His dick becomes noticeable firmer, thicker, stronger, which spurs my orgasm to stronger and stronger vibrations.

He pulls out his finger and lifts one leg and takes me in a scissor style, filling my pussy with just enough cock to hit my g-spot over and over, which I am almost unable to handle. My breathing becomes labored as I feel a pulsation rising from my pussy. I grunt hard as my hole grabs his rod, keeping it from exiting my pussy. I ride his cock until the pulses become so fierce that I cry out and squirt again all over his dick (3!).

He lifts my leg over so I am laying on my side, then I feel his finger lube my ass. I was hoping for this, as his dick is the exact right size to enter my asshole comfortably.

He slides his finger in and out of my ass, opening my nether hole. I can feel my asshole opening to his probing finger.

He quickly positions himself behind me and lifts my top leg slightly. He places his pole at my ass and gives a little push. Pop! His cockhead drops in. He grabs my breast and starts to pinch my nipple hard, a guaranteed orgasm-giver for me, and I cum all over his dick with my ass, my muff throbbing and contracting (4!). He continues to slam his hard wood into my ass, and starts to finger my clit, which had been untouched up to this point. Almost immediately, my clit hardens, and stands straight, hot to his touch. He rubs and tugs the little point, as my pussy grinds against his hand and his dick is consumed by my willing asshole. Orgasm number 5 is strong, as well, and I could feel my wetness extend all the way from snatch to ass.

He reaches around me and I wonder what he is doing, when I feel a sudden bit of coldness. He has my vibrator at the entrance to my pussy, and easily slides it in through the wetness. I grab hold of the vibrator to turn it on and now my pussy begins to vibrate and I can feel it all the way to and into my ass. He grabs my hips and is slamming me against him hard as his shaft slides just enough for the head to tickle my asshole, but then dives so I can feel it deep. I smash the vibrator to the hilt, can feel it all the way through, as I can feel my next orgasm building.

The feeling of having a vibrator in my pussy and wood in my ass starts my next orgasm.

This time though, oh MY. It begins slowly, and I can feel my cervix start to throb. Over and over, harder and harder, and the orgasm overtakes me. And I mean overtakes. I can’t speak, even to grunt. I can’t breathe, as my entire body shudders and shakes. I have lost control over all parts of my body as it contacts hard, around his cock and the dildo. I envision two men, one at the front and the back, slamming into me mercilessly.

My brain practically explodes as I see stars, and I am finally able to breathe out. Whoosh! I breathe out fast and begin to pant. I cannot speak, only breathe hard. My partner has cum as well, but I was unaware of it through my own intensity. He slips out of my ass, and his cum leaks out over my asshole. I am unable to move, so I am unable to remove the dildo from my pussy yet. I pat his leg in a “good job” motion.


Want to nurse?
Want to nurse?

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