A bird in the hand or two in the bush?

“Hi,, lover”, I texted.

“Good morning, sexy,” he replies quickly.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” I respond.

A little backstory here. Rick and I have been sleeping together for a few years. We are friends with benefits, but a little more than that. We only see each other about every two or three months, but when we do get together, it’s magic. We have been exploring some of our kinks, including some bondage, threesomes, and other fun stuff.

I’m in charge. That’s it. He was used to be the master, the dom. But he truly needed to be my sub. He needed to explore the other side, and take some of what he was used to giving out.

Forcing him to lick my pussy, while I creamed over his face, making him drink my pee, teasing him until he almost burst, then denying him an orgasm, all were part of my power. We even began to explore pegging, and taking his ass is especially sweet, since I deny him mine. But he loves to be pegged. Loves the feel of my ladycock in his ass. He begs for it while sitting at my feet, gladly straps it on me and lubes up.

He is desperate to have my ass in return. “Please, Mistress!” but the answer has always been no. My ass is not up for grabs, but his is!

But now I’m moving away, things are changing, time to start a new life. We have, probably, two more times to see each other.

Hence, the text.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” I type.

“Yes?” he answers.

“Choice one: We can see each other tonight and you can fuck my ass.” I say. I can picture his dick growing huge as he reads this.

“Choice two: We can meet tonight and I will fuck your ass and then I promise to do my best to see you again before I leave. We still have 6 weeks, and the next time, you can fuck my ass.”

A pause, and I see he is typing…..

“Mistress,” he begins, “I choose number……

(Please comment and say which number you think he will choose)


6 thoughts on “A bird in the hand or two in the bush?

      1. Fair point but it seems he has been wanting to take her ass for a while now. If not this time, the 2nd visit is only a possibility…then he would never get to experience what he wanted. I’ll take the “bird in the hand”. ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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