Playtime (part 3)

Our foursome enters the elevator, and Jackie clasps my hand tightly. I resist the urge to draw her to me, to grab her by the neck and force her lips to mine. WHERE, I think, did that come from? I am not usually dominant in a relationship. Perhaps being with a woman would change that.

Kyle leads the way to the room, quickly scanning the room card. The hotel room is like any other, king bed, plush pillows, standard dresser and desk. Kyle has his computer set up on the desk with a porno playing. Lesbian porn, of course. What is it about lesbians, I wonder, that gets men so hot and bothered? Maybe I’ll get to find out!

Kyle asks me if I’d like another drink, but I decline. I want to be aware of everything, FEEL everything. Rick is watching me intently, and I realize that he is fixated on my breasts. This gives me a sense of power, and I make a show of reaching down and taking off my shoes, letting my breasts hang, straining the fabric of my blouse. My ample tits must be a huge change from his girlfriend’s smaller bosom. I finish becoming shorter, and see that all three are watching me. I didn’t realize I had such an audience. I can feel my pussy lips straining harder against my thong. Damn, I can feel the wetness soak through.

I straighten completely, and Rick steps over to me. He runs his hand down the front of my blouse, teasing my nipples. I groan involuntarily, as I am particularly sensitive there. He unbuttons the top button, then the next, and the next. He slides the blouse to the side, and again rubs my tit with his hand. I groan again, a little louder. He reaches in and rubs my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, causing my knees to quake.

I glance over an see Kyle doing about the same to Jackie. He has a hand up her skirt as well, and I find myself jealous of both Jackie and Kyle’s hand. Jackie looks at me, that secret smile on her lips AGAIN, and I am lost.

“Wait,” I say. And both men stop. “Let me.”

I take Rick’s hand out of my bra, and walk the two steps to Jackie. Taking her hand, I tell her, “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I want to try.” I pull her towards the bed, and then start to undress her. I stare into her eyes the whole time. Whenever I touch a sensitive spot, I see it in her eyes. There are no secrets here, only discovery. When she is finally naked, I tear my eyes from her (never has that phrase been so truthful!) so I can drink in her beauty. Like I thought, her breasts are rather small, but with gorgeous brown nipples, and a nice fullness. A slim waist stretches to a nice set of hips. Curly black hair matches her head, and I want to play in the curls. Her legs inform me that she works out regularly, since they are so shapely.

I reach out to her body, and glide my hands down her body, starting at her neck. I slide them down her arms, up the inside of her arms, and then around to her breasts. I can hear her gasp as I touch her nipples with both my fingertips. I hope I can do this right.


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