Playtime! (part 2)

I message my consent to Kyle. I have decided to play with just us four. I think five will be too overwhelming, and I really want to taste and have time with the woman. I am a novice at licking a pussy, and have never touched a clit but my own, but I can feel my mouth watering at the prospect.

Kyle lets me know that he is in town on Thursday, so we will all be meeting at his hotel on Thursday evening. Jackie and Rick will meet us in the bar.

When Thursday arrives, I dress carefully, skillfully apply my makeup. I don’t want to look like a whore, but do want to look sensuous. Red heels complete my outfit of short, tight black skirt and red blouse with a plunging neckline.

As 7 pm arrives, so do I. A nice hotel, with a somewhat darkened bar. I walk in and spot Kyle right away. As the couple rises to say hello, I can certainly appreciate the desire for both the man AND woman. Rick is tall, white, dark hair, and rather thin. His arms are muscular, though, belying his work in construction. Jackie is small, not just thin, small. Probably 5 feet at the most, she had a bubbly sense about her, with black curly hair, and pixie features. Small breasts, but a generous ass. I feel somewhat like a beast next to her small frame. She smiles readily and gives me a hug. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what she is wearing. I am smitten.

Kyle has ordered our drinks, and a glass of chardonnay awaits me. I nervously down half the glass before being able to speak. I ask Jackie if she is from in town, and she describes that she is a friend of Kyle’s and is also from out of town. We make more small talk, and I watch as Rick stands to go to the bathroom. He has to pass directly in front of me, and I realize his cock is now slightly swollen. He is, well, huge! His dick will fill me to the brim, but there is no way that I will take his dick in my ass! Too much, too much. I squirm in my seat as I feel my pussy begin to swell as well.

I glance at Jackie to see her watching me, and I know that SHE knows that I have seen the bulge. A quiet, secret smile appears on her lips. It’s that smile that takes me over, and I know I will be tasting her before the night is over. Kyle lays his hand on my knee, and I start, as I had been so involved with this new couple that I had forgotten that he was even there. His hand moves up my bare leg, and I feel my lips part in a gasp.

Once Rick returns, we decide to retire to the room. A king sized bed awaits our adventures.


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