Two approaches to a problem

with a guest author

Approach 1

He could tell she was upset. Usually Mistress is right there, letting him know what he should be doing. When she says “Fucktoy”, she means it. He had 30 minutes to be ready or else.

But today, no message. He reached out, tentatively. He didn’t want to suffer her wrath, after all, since she had the power to punish as well as reward.

Her response could only be described as curt. What was going on? Mistress is in need, obviously. But for what? His ass belongs to her, and she knows it. He is at her beck and call every Sunday. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe Mistress needs to be served in a different way today.

“Mistress Peaches”, he types, “what do you need? I’m here for you.” He hits send, and anxiously waits. Will she be mad? What DOES she want?

“I need to be taken care of,” she replies.

Shit! I don’t know what that means. I mean, we’ve had vanilla sex before. But that was before. Now she’s my mistress, and I’m her toy. I need a minute to think about this. She’s been having a hard time with some stuff lately. Some losses, lots of negative in her life.

I have an idea!

“Come here, Mistress,” I reply. “I’ll take care of your needs.”

She arrives 30 minutes later. I lead her gently to the bathroom and undress her. Help her into the tub that is just the temperature she likes – very hot! I hand her a glass of wine and kneel beside the tub. I stroke her with a washcloth full of scented foam. No words are spoken, but she begins to quietly cry. I continue to stroke her arms, legs, stomach, back. Gentle always. She sips her wine, then lays back and closes her eyes, tears continuing.

I take this to mean more, so I abandon the washcloth and stroke further down her body. I rub her clit and hear her gasp. I move my hand further down until I reach her pussy. Warm water and bubbles combine with her own lubrication to allow me to bring her orgasm. I rub harder, just like she likes, and soon I feel her walls contract around my fingers. She sighs and opens her eyes.

I help her out of the tub, and dry her with the warm towel. I lead her to the bed, and get under the covers with her, warming her with my body. She turns to me and cries more, and my heart breaks for her. I hold her, rubbing her back, letting her cry it out, as I whisper to her. “I have you. It will be okay. I’m here. You are safe.” I hope I am doing the right thing, but she is silent. She doesn’t move away, though, so I think it is good. I kiss her forehead, then her face. She holds me harder, as her cries subside. I reach between her legs, and she parts them willingly for me. Her pussy is swollen and still wet, and my finger slips inside easily. I reach her g-spot and she arches her back as she comes.

“Now,” she says, and I roll her onto her back. Vanilla, it is. I cover her body with mine, providing comfort as well as stimulation. I enter her and she groans loudly, pushing her hips into me. I slow her down, wanting to make sure that she is completely satisfied. “Let me,” I say, as I disengage, and slide down her body to reach her breasts. I suck one then the other, and she writes beneath my touch. I move further south to her muff. I part her lips with my fingers and begin licking her. A few licks and she is squirting into my mouth! I slide back up and enter her again, filling her with my hard dick. I stare into her eyes as I move, conveying caring and support and love. I kiss her face as I move, and she is grabbing my shoulders. Harder!, she is saying. So I pound into harder, my cock throbbing now. A loud low grunt, UNNGGGHHH, and she creams on my cock, her pussy walls grabbing me hard. I let go, I had no choice. I prayed she would not be mad at me for cumming without permission.

As we settled down, I rubbed her some more, her arms, her back.

“Thank you,” she said, for the first time.

“Yes, Mistress. You are welcome,” I replied. A different part of the relationship, but very vital.

Approach 2

It’s been one of those days… one of those weeks… one of those…
Mommy, usually takes care of me. I’m her little boy toy and we’ve been exploring age play which I think she likes and I’ve learned to enjoy it because she does.
I curl up in her arms and suckle at her nipple like a newborn. I cannot touch myself at all or Mommy’s delicious pussy, but she teases me more and more.
When Mommy makes my little pee pee explode I cum everywhere! I feel she wants to explore more with this, but I can’t tell. What does she want? Bottles? Diapers? Enema play? Not sure, but the way Mommy makes me feel, I would try anything.
But today was not about Mommy… it was about Mistress needing relief. She’s been stressed and busy and going through a lot, so when I got the text code, “Fucktoy” I knew I had to be ready.
When Mistress text me like that I have 30 minutes to prepare. Showering, cleaning my ass, setting the room, being face down ass up.
As soon as I got the text I did as I was told. Soon Mistress was entering the apartment I could hear the door close…. but today would be different.
As she entered I could hear she had already been crying. I wanted to look but I dare not because I didn’t want to disappoint her.
Normally Mistress greets me with some chit chat, today she pulled my head to the side forcefully and put on a blindfold tight. I could not see anything and Mistress made no apologies for how hard she was treating me.
“Sit up bitch!” She barked at me in a tone I was unfamiliar with. She reached between my legs to my… I mean her cock and slid on a cockring. Again something new and she didn’t put it on gingerly.
Mistress, who was naked now. Climbed onto the bed and immediately pulled my head to her wet pussy. I knew what I must do and started to lick. I loved making Mommy and Mistress cum with my mouth. Soon I could feel and sense she was about to cum. She grabbed the back of my head and would not let me go until she bucked and fucked my face to multiple orgasms. It was all I could do to drink all of her juices, but she didn’t care.
As she finished her last buck and squirt, she pulled my head up and slapped me! Oh my! She’s never done that! I wasn’t expecting that either. She did it multiple times and it hurt but I took it for her.
Quickly she peeled off and shoved my face back down in the pillow and grabbed me by my cock. She stroked it gently at first then squeezed it hard until she could hear me beg to stop. There were no safe words between us I trusted her and did what she asked and this hurt but I took it.
Then out of the blue she started to spank me with a paddle she brought. She didn’t even warm me up… hard! I was trying to take as much as she could give. Soon though I was breaking my all focus stance and the pain was intense.
As my body started to collapse to the bed, I felt her climb on top. She had her strapon on, but hadn’t lubbed me up. Thank goodness she had lube on her cock, but as she started to slide in, I could tell it was not her normal cock it was longer and bigger.
Mistress DID start out slow… three strokes and then she started to fuck me hard. Really hard! She also kept talking really dirty… “Take this you bitch!” “You’re just a fucktoy to me!” “One day you’re going to take a real dick in this ass in front of me until he cums bitch!”
And she continued to say some of the naughtiest, dirty, degrading things I’ve ever heard from her all the while she was pounding my ass!
Soon I can feel Mistress building up to cum and at the same time she started to cry uncontrollably! When Mistress cum she squirts all over my ass and down my cock… this was even more than before . The mixture of tears and her pussy juice was intense.
Mistress pulled out quickly yelling to me to turn over. She pushed my legs to my chest and started fucking my ass again.
Then she did something… something I would have only let her do without fighting back. She reach down to my throat with both hands and choked me.
Her grip tighter and tighter as she fucked harder and harder.
Finally as he could tell I was starting to get close to ending everything she came! She let go of my throat and squirted!
The pain she had inflicted… the name calling and chocking… it was her way of letting go and it was not directed at e in anyway… I knew that… I was honored she let me take care of her in a way.
As she pulled away and I laid there used and worked over hard. I could hear her gather her things and leave.
I laid in bed, covers in her juices. Not sure what to do. Raw, used, exposed.
Some time… I don’t know when I heard a text on my phone, “Thank YOU for taking care of Mommy today.”
And that’s all I needed to feel special.

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