Sex in high places (and a funny)

(side note: if marijuana is illegal where you live, I am in NO WAY endorsing its use. Please only do LEGAL things)

Why I like having sex when high

I love sex. It’s one of my favorite pasttimes, actually. I think I am in my sexual high peak, because I SURE don’t remember having this much fun in bed before. With or without drugs or alcohol, sex is fun, fulfilling, and an all around great time.

I’ve never been much for pot. Even in high school, I was pretty straight. I had my eye on the college prize, and wanted desperately to leave home. So I was the quintessential “good girl” who followed (mostly) the rules. In college, I still stayed pretty straight. I had a degree to get, a future to have. Then came marriage, kids, responsibilities, etc. But now the kids are grown, the job is secure, the ex is gone. So it’s time to be more adventurous. I stated dating a man who got high every day. He introduced me to getting high before sex. And then he introduced me to some incredibly hot sex! I don’t see him anymore, but the lessons are well learned. I don’t smoke everyday, or every time I have sex, but it does add an additional spice some of the time. Here’s why.

When I am high, time becomes more fluid. I can do an activity for an hour and it will seem like minutes, or minutes and it will seem like an hour. So it feels like the sex goes on and on. Or it feels like it’s been very brief, and I need to do it again. Can you say hour-long blowjob? I can, and I have. I might get started, take a break, then go some more. Rinse, repeat. Since I am multi-orgasmic, that means I might have upwards of 20 orgasms in one setting. Just give me a little break after the first 10 or so. We can switch positions, do something a little different. Just because you cum doesn’t mean that I am done, either. Take a break if you must, but there is more sex to be had.

I am more sensitive when high. I think it has to do with releasing my inhibitions.  If you can get past my laughter. I am a giggler, which is hysterical. I love to laugh, and there is a constant movie going on in my head. If something is happening outside my head, then I might find the discrepancy to be utterly ridiculous and laugh my head off.  Give me a moment, and I’ll get back to business. Probably.

You can talk me into almost anything. Touch me and I might cum instantly. I’ll orgasm just sucking your fingers. I’ll grind on you, and then squirt all over you before we have even penetrated. Face it, you’ll be in total control. I am your puppet. Treat me right.

I feel happier, and not just the laughing. If you can handle me laughing at inopportune moments, you’ll also be able to see me in a different way. Ask me anything, you’ll get the honest, naked truth. I feel closer to you, for some reason, like I can totally trust you. Defenses are down, and I feel joy. My orgasms are more intense, and I have an easier time relaxing into it.

It’s better than drunk sex. Alcohol decreases sensitivity, and being drunk makes me dizzy. No side effects for pot. No hangover. The only drawback is that I stay high for several hours. So I’m stuck where I am. I hope there is food and a bed, because that’s all I’ll need after the sex.

sex high

Now, onto a funny story:

I tend to get headaches when masturbating sometimes. I’m talking really REALLY bad headaches, that come on like I got hit in the head with hammer. I was getting them frequently two years ago, but they went away. Well, the other day, I was masturbating again, and when I orgasmed – POW, instant intense headache!! It hurt so much, I fell off my bed, dildo still handing from my crotch, vibrator in the other hand. All I could think off, laying on the floor by the bed, buzzing away, is that I hope I don’t die. And if I did die, one of my kids wouldn’t be the one to find me! HAHAHA


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