Anticipation – Part 2 (Merry Christmas)

He waits as instructed. The room is very dim, the door unlocked. Wine is poured, and soft music is playing. He was to be face down on the bed, naked. He was to wait, quietly, for her to arrive. Mistress will be pleased that he is following instructions. He even shaved “down there”. He isn’t used to it, and it took far longer than he would have anticipated. And now he has a vague itch in the area that he dare not scratch.

Mistress has made it clear that he is not to move until told, and that he was to follow all directions exactly as given, or he would not ever see her again. He has cleaned his home thoroughly, afraid that she would find it lacking. Stocked up on all kinds of wine, food, condoms. He prayed that he wouldn’t forget anything.

He lay there, tried to think of not thinking. Let his mind go. Had a hard time because his cock was being smushed on the bed. Her imminent arrival kept him a constant low state of arousal. He would become fully erect at the memory of her pictures, then become flaccid as he worried about expectations. Will she hurt me for real? Do I get an orgasm? Will I be able to please her? Am I doing this right?

He took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind. He heard a click as the front door opened and shut. Instantly, he was hard again. He thought of her promises of what was to come. Although he had been pegged before, the girl he was with at the time was not really into it. Mistress knew that pegging was a particular favorite of his. His mind again went quickly to all her instructions. Did he do this right?

He had no further time to worry as he felt his left arm rudely jerked to the side and up, handcuffs applied to his wrist and the metal headboard. A few moments later, his right arm followed. He quietly wondered how many sets of cuffs she owned.

She did not speak. She traced a finger down his body, to his ass. He had lubed up, as instructed. He prayed it was enough. He felt her hand dip into his crack, and finger prod into his tight hole. “Relax,” he told himself, over and over again, as she massaged his prostrate. He felt her weight as she got on the bed, knelt between his legs. She used her knees to pry his legs farther apart, as she got closer.

He tried to lift his hips higher, to give her better access to his ass, when he felt a sudden slap. With a quick intake of breath, Mistress hissed, “You were not told to move.” Three successive slaps followed. He could not believe the pain on his buttocks. It felt like a small fire. He wanted to cry.

But just as quickly, he felt a soft massage. “Now do as I say,” Mistress purred, “and open your pretty little ass to me.”



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